The fashion industry is loved for its creativity and, in many parts of the world, for its freedom of expression. However, it causes enormous negative environmental impacts.

In March 2017, IFA Paris organized a series of sustainable fashion seminars for its students in the Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology program in Shanghai. These four seminars primarily focused on issues Sustainable Fashion Seminarsurrounding textile waste covering the topics of the lifecycle of a garment using three sustainable design techniques: zero-waste design, upcycling and reconstruction design.

These seminars were given by Ms. Isabelle Pambianchi, Technician and Sustainable Development Manager at BONOBO Jeans, who shared her extensive experience and expertise on sustainable fashion design with our IFA Paris students. Through these, the students not only learnt this particular knowledge and the actual situation in China, but also had some hands-on exercises on upcycling and zero-waste design.

More and more, large and famous fashion brands are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impacts and therefore are looking for specialists who understand sustainability. That’s why, at IFA Paris, we believe that organizing these kind of seminars will give the Bachelor in Fashion Design students a competitive advantage over many others in their future careers. It is also a way for IFA Paris’ students to understand and learn how to overcome the crises and challenges and how to make a positive impact after they have launched their careers.