Diversity is quite the talk of the town these days. Angolan model Maria Borges is the new face of L’Oréal and Nike just launched a hijab for female Muslim athletes.IFA Paris - IMAN Cosmetics

Sparking a collaboration between IFA Paris and IMAN Cosmetics, a pioneer within the beauty industry catering to women of all hues, alumna and lecturer Sissi Johnson recently taught Multiculturalism in the Beauty Industry.

“I collaborated with IMAN Cosmetics on the production of their BB cream campaign before, the first for women of all complexions. I knew there was no better brand to bring knowledge to my students about diversity. They have catered to all women from the beginning, the industry is just now catching up. ” Sissi explained.

IMAN Cosmetics provided exclusive case studies on multicultural consumer buying power and behavior across the Americas and worldwide. The course helped students understand the specifics, opportunities and challenges of said market and decipher the underlying messages behind multicultural beauty marketing.​ This learning experience particularly resonated with our MBA Perfume & Cosmetics Management students hailing from India, Iran and Eastern Europe.

Sissi with ImanFor Roza Salahshour from Iran, this beauty course came as an epiphany. “Sissi introduced us to the “natural hair movement”, since then I have decided to wear my hair curly and embrace my natural beauty. I used to go to great lengths to alter my texture!”.  

So what is “multiculturalism in the beauty industry”? A native of Latvia, Linda Tarvida answered: “acknowledging, caring and catering to the particular needs of all skin and hair types, regardless of their cultural origin or background”.

“The course has enabled me to become an all-rounded individual and helped me gain confidence to apply the new skills that I have learnt at my prospective workplace.” - said Mugdha Kalawatia from India.

Professor Sissi Johnson not only provided a timely course, but celebrated the beauty of IFA Paris’ very own students in collaboration with the brainchild of iconic supermodel IMAN.

For more information on the program involved in this collaboration: MBA Perfume & Cosmetics Management