40,700 euros is the sum raised by the students of IFA Paris in Shanghai, a third of the total amount raised during an online auction to help disadvantaged children.Qeeboo Rabbit

Since their appearance, at the Milan Furniture Fair 2016 and in several countries, the success of the colourful, round and playful chairs-rabbits of the brand Qeeboo, imagined and designed by the Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni, are real.

In China, it is these same rabbit chairs, of unique design and made of polyethylene, a material that is both light and resistant, which gave life to a beautiful, honourable and venerable charitable and collective project, to which the IFA Paris fashion school is proud of having participated and was responsible for almost a third of the donations raised for the benefit of the Adream Foundation, a NGO working in China for out-of-school and vulnerable children. “The rabbits imagined by the students of the Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology program of IFA Paris have reached 300,000 yuan (equals to 40,700 euros, editor's note) out of more than 1 million yuan (135,700 euros) in total”, says Ivan Kouzmine-Karavaieff , Marketing and Communication Manager of IFA Paris.

Students designing Qeeboo RabbitsQeeboo auctioned rabbits, with the support of several companies, organizations and institutions - most notably Yioulai-Shanghai Village, Value Retail, Shendi Group, Pudong and Shanghai authorities - were painted and decorated by several IFA Paris students, but also by ten renowned artists and creators such as An Niu, Xiang Zheqing, Li Shoubai, Wang Xiaohui, stylists Liu Jihan, Ye Qing, Wang Yang, Ji Cheng, Zhao Ruohong, Masha Ma, Chloe Chen, Kelly and Tiffany Wu.

The painter An Niu believes that such a project recalls how “it is important to protect the education of children.”  For his part, the sculptor Xiang Zheqing ensures that “art can realize charity, and besides, it enables education to become closer to people’s hearts” “Attending this charity gave me a chance to exceed myself from being a fashion designer to an artistic designer. I made my own contribution to children education” reacted artist Chloe Chen

Marc Isreal, CEO of Value Retail China, said that “this charitable activity to promote art through charity helps to raise the quality, innovative approach to educating Chinese children in the need.”

The proceeds were donated in full to the charity Adream, which decided to invest the sum in upgrading classes of several elementary and secondary schools and in training programs for local schoolmasters, that focuses on the personal development of the children and the development of their talents.

For more information on the program involved in this project, please visit Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology