Our Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology 2nd year student Tsvetislav Andreev from Bulgaria introduces his "Kosmos" collection in this fabrics tranformation project and explains his inspirations for these looks:

In this fabrics transformation project we are required to develop 10 different creative fabrics, using "traditional", as well as "new" and "revolutionary" techniques, in order to create a "brand new fabric". The techniques I have chosen are traditional, with a hint of unusual, as the materials I have used are transparent PVC with wool/molten aluminium, transperent PVC with colorful plastic, as well as cotton-dyed in natural ways, using vegetables."Kosmos" Mood board

The second step in development was the creation of 8 coherent looks, according to the creative fabrics and mood board.

My main mood and inspiration comes from the keywords #Space, #SpaceExploration and #JulesVerneNovels. You can see some "notes" of a space suit on the garments displayed, the melancholic colors (after all, even in a sea of stars, one could feel lonely), the star prints, the creative fabrics resembling a "Meteorite shower" or a "Super Nova".Tsvetislav Andreev from Bulgaria

We often forget "who we are" and "what we are capable of" - The message I am trying to send out there with this collection is that the only limit there is (and there should ever be) is ..yourself and you, you yourself are a whole unexplored galaxy. There is so much underneath the surface, yet we sometimes choose to ignore it and settle for less. Don't let yourself fall under the "Uncharted Space" map. Dare to explore until the very edge of the "observable universe"(always expanding). Discover!

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See some of the natural fabrics Tsvetislav created for this project below: