As part of a conference on craftsmanship in the fashion industry, IFA Paris’ students had the chance to meet three interesting persons whose jobs, while not well known, contribute greatly to the fashion industry:

Aurore Thault, an independent embroiderer who created her own company called Embroidery-Enamel, she works mainly with Haute Couture maisons and Interior Design companies.

Julien Vermeulen, at the head of Maison Julien Vermeulen, is a feather worker, an ancestral artist whose activity consists of preparing birds feathers and using them for garments ornaments or accessorizing.

William Amor masters floral art and created his own brand as well, Flowers, Les creations messagères. He mainly focuses on recycling and upcycling material to create decorations and other adaptations.

All of them were happy to show IFA Paris students what their crafts/art consist of and how it is used in the fashion Industry.