As part of their Bachelor Fashion Marketing and Bachelor Visual Merchandising studies, several IFA Paris students revamped the Bionat boutique located in Le Marais, the trendy neighbourhood of Paris – everything from the window display to the shop architecture and rebranding. Agustina Cattaneo, one of our lecturers in Paris managed the project and tells the story.Students revamping Bionat boutique

Today at 7pm we finally finished the implementation of the visual merchandising ideas in the two real stores in Paris with my Bachelor Fashion Marketing and Bachelor Visual Merchandising students! I have to say that I am extremely happy, as the students did an amazing job. They worked extremely hard and the entire school on the Paris campus is amazed by their final presentations that are exhibited in the entrance area of the school. All I have to say is a huge «congratulations!» to these students, as they were all fantastic! And also thank you to the Bionat team that allowed us to work on a real case study, a real Parisian brand. It was a fantastic adventure!

Student presenting Bionat revamp conceptSTUDENTS AUDITED THE BRAND!

Let me take you back to a few months ago. On February 21st, Frédéric (who works at Bionat, a family and eco-friendly leather brand launched in Alsace in 1996) came to IFA Paris to introduce the brand to the class. He explained to us the values of the brand, the history and their type of customers. That same day, I introduced the project to the Bachelor in Fashion Marketing class.

Bionat is a sustainable brand, whose core products are the shoes, even though they sell some clothing and accessories. They have two stores in Paris (one in le Marais and one in Montreuil). The students worked in teams of two or three. Half worked on le Marais store and half on the Montreuil store.

On May 2nd, the students all submitted their final branding ideas. They audited the brand and analyzed the brand values, its DNA, customer identity, 4Ps, all the social media strategies, logo and packaging, and then finally made recommendations. Of course, for the analysis we took pictures and spoke with the sales associate at each store. Moreover, we also observed the customers while being at both stores and the students worked in another class with another professor on a market research study.


On June 18th, the students presented all their visual merchandising ideas, which included a mini model version of the new store plan. For this part, we worked in class with a retail architect who helped the students to put their ideas in a 2D plan and then make an architectural model. The architect grew up in Argentina and has been helping their family business all her life (a very well-known fashion brand), so I asked her to bring ideas for retail in fashion (lighting, fixtures, how to display merchandise, etc.) to class. We also saw ideas on how to present the plans and the model. Frédéric from Bionat sent us the plans and I asked the architect to re-do them on a bigger scale, so we could print them and so the students could work on them. For this presentation, students put a name to the window, created the mood-board and color palette for it, displayed the ideas on a 2D plan and built the actual model. For all the ideas, they had to present their budget as they knew that if they were chosen to be the winner, they had only one week to implement the whole idea.

We chose a winning team to do each of the two stores. The winner of the Montreuil store was the team of: Ena Berbic, Ann-Katrin Ling, Heloise Salessy and Neilja Sai. And the winner at le Marais is Jessika Gadoury (who worked on her own for this project). Each winner was given 750 Euros for the revamp and all the students of the class were asked to help the two winning teams! Don’t miss the photos of the completed store revamp, available on our Facebook page!

Agustina Cattaneo