For the past three years now, IFA Paris has integrated an innovative module titled “Sensorial Marketing” to its MBA programs. Its’ theoretical premises and structure were devised by a specialist in the field: Professor Diana Derval. President of Derval Research, a global market research company specializing in shopping behavior, Diana is also a successful author whose most famous book, The Right Sensory Mix, was dubbed by Philip Kotler as the best book he has seen on the critical role of the five senses.Diana Derval and IFA Paris’ MBA students at the Fragonard Museum

Building on its tradition of venturing outside of the most travelled roads, IFA Paris entrusts Diana Derval every year to deliver a 24 hour intensive seminar structured around one main objective: exposing our MBA candidates to new consumer segmentation methods that are based on sensorial personas rather than statistical analysis. For students who mostly have a business background, getting ready to question their usual theoretical framework based entirely on the necessity to run quantitative analyses is a challenging process! Nevertheless, thanks to the interactive teaching methods structuring the Sensorial marketing module, all our MBA candidates ultimately embrace the new research techniques taught by Diana Derval.

Part of her course also involves exclusive visits to different locations. Her first field trip to the DS showroom was aimed at making our students understand how this mythical brand has gone through a complete revival by focusing on reinventing itself while retaining specific design codes. Diana’s next visit to Musée Fragonard revolved around the analysis of different notes and accents of scents and their corresponding consumer psychological traits.”

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