On a regular basis, IFA Paris organizes conferences about creativity and luxury open to the public and its' students. It is called “Rendezvous of creativity and luxury”.  

Chapter 2: Merchandising Management by Agnès Tsakiris, Women’s Accessories Merchandising Manager at Givenchy and hosted by Silvere Kembakou.

As part of the rendezvous of creativity and luxury, Agnès Tsakiris, Merchandising Manager at Givenchy, visited IFA Paris Paris’ campus to share her experience and knowledge. Silvere Kembakou, lecturer at IFA Paris in management and entrepreneurship mainly for the Bachelor Fashion Marketing program was also present to animate the talk.

During this conference, Agnès Tsakiris explained merchandising strengths and successful strategies of Givenchy.

Like all previous and future rendezvous of creativity and luxury, this campus talk was open not only to the students - whether they study in Bachelor Fashion Marketing or MBA Fashion Business or any other programs the fashion and business school offers - but to outsiders as well. Every chapter of these rendezvous aims to allow participants to understand all aspects of one of the industry’s occupations. This one was about Merchandising Management.

This talk ended with a Q&A that allowed the audience present on the fashion school IFA Paris’ campus to interact with both Agnes and Silvere.

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