This two week summer course Fashion Luxury Business is specifically designed to provide participants with a clear overview of the fashion and luxury industry along with its current challenges. We took students to the famous Avenue Montaigne in Paris for a full immersion in the luxury universe.

First stage was the Maison Dior, which is the site for their private fashion shows, for which many celebrities and other fashion personalities came in extravagant and stylish garments. This was a good overview of what Paris Fashion Week is about and students could discover its particular ambiance.Private Louis Vuitton Product demonstration for our students

Luxury is not only about Fashion.

Indeed, while visiting the Hermes and Louis Vuitton stores, students realized that is was also about savoir-faire and expertise. While Hermes is famous for its leather, Louis Vuitton lived through centuries thanks to the quality of its range of luggage.

Luxury can also mean abundance, at the Louis Vuitton store again, where 2 massive floors create a maze display of accessories, bags and garments.

Luxury can also be a particular concept such as Courrèges, who established its own style made out of futurist and structured garments in organic and artificial fabric and flashy colours.

Luxury can appear in different forms but remains rare and precious. A luxury brand must respect the codes and all the components of a brand world must be consistent from the products offered to the marketing aspects linked to the sales (light, scents, music, etc.) through the visual merchandising of the stores.

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