As the year is coming to a close, we are pleased to announce our first Lookbook, featuring a number of graduates in 2016 and their final collections in our two creative Bachelor and Master programs. It is viewable or available for download as a PDF: IFA Paris Lookbook 2016

And here is a short word from Jean-Marc Chauve, our Fashion & Image Director at IFA Paris:Astika Suprapto's collection in our Lookbook

Training young students to become fashion designers today, is a complex challenge. With technical skills to acquire, new technologies being added to traditonal ones which are still necessary to master garment specifications to understand, time management and methodolgy to develop - there is a lot to  pack into the students time, ready to prepare them for the ever quickening pace of today’s fashion industry!

And in educational terms, there is an additional challenge - in this fascinating field of fashion, existing between art and industry, everything starts from the personalities of the future designers. Understanding their own universe, their reference systems, cultural background and individual creative matrix, is the basis on which to guide their curiosity, sharpen their vision, and help them to shape personal ideas. Creative intuitions must be transformed into new, sometimes surprising, and always wearable products, and coherent collections. Lindsay Custodio's collection in our Lookbook

At IFA Paris, we are fortunate to have a thriving bastion of strong and diverse talents, who come to Paris from all over the world, ready to eventually take their place in the competitive industry of which they dream. We wanted to share with you the work of a selection of these upcoming designers, from the three year Bachelor course in Fashion Design & Technology, and the Masters of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design.

We hope you will appreciate their creative endeavors as much as we do – they represent years of study, research and experimentation! We hope that this will give a small insight into the creative minds of a new generation, and perhaps ignite a curiosity to discover more…

At IFA Paris, we love their talent!

Jean-Marc Chauve
Fashion & Image Director


For the full lookbook as PDF: Download here.