Based in Shanghai, the British jeans company Lee Cooper, was created in England more than a century ago. Lee Cooper came to IFA Paris to present a project of collaboration initiated and co-created with our fashion school Career Alumni Center.

A premiere in Shanghai, the creative project IFA Paris-Lee Cooper was born from the initiative of two wills : that of artistic and Shanghainese team of British maison and that of the IFA Paris Career Alumni Center. From that basis, the project deserves a great introduction. This took place within the walls of the fashion school.

During the presentation, as a first step, Product Director Mannie Tsui, from Lee Cooper, and its Senior Designer, Alex Zhou, introduced the brand DNA to students, as well as its product styling details – handmade leather label, fine embroidery technique, buttons and rivets and typical pocket patterns. They also explained how the brand was founded. Lee Cooper appeared in 1908 in the Eastern District in London, and became the most long-standing European original denim brand and also one of the world’s four denim brands.

At the heart of the project, it was clear, between IFA Paris and Lee Cooper, that students would be the pillars of the collaboration, under the artistic direction of Alex Zhou. Students of Fashion Design were invited to participate in developing the Lee Cooper Collection Fall/Winter 2016. Four students in Bachelor Fashion Design, attracted by the challenge, were selected to join the team. After the successful completion of the project, they will also have the chance, to become formal members of Lee Cooper’s team - a rare opportunity. 

If IFA Paris keeps close contacts with the luxury fashion industry for several years, it’s the first time that Lee Cooper cooperates with IFA Paris – the only fashion academy which had been invited to participate in Lee Cooper new season’s products development. A fruitful exchange between the famous English denim brand and the French heritage fashion design school IFA Paris!

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