How many fashion designers can say that they designed a chocolate dress worn by famous French model Noémie Lenoir?

However, that is exactly what IFA Paris alumna Selimetu (Seli) Jane Gallien, can say she has achieved.

On Friday, February 12th, Seli came to present her newest collection and talk about her journey in fashion and past experiences to IFA Paris students.

Since she graduated from the IFA Paris’ Bachelor Fashion Design programme in 2012 and the Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design in 2013, Seli took part in different competitions in order to gain experience and visibility in the fashion industry.

In 2013, she participated in the European Talons Aiguilles competition where she presented her first fashion designs. Although she didn’t win, this experience allowed her to showcase her work and gather feedback, which helped expand her design repertoire.

Seli Gallien with Chocolatier Vincent Guerlais and model Noemie Lenoir

Her first notable achievement happened during the 2013 edition of le Salon du Chocolat, where chocolate makers partnered with designers in order to create a chocolate garment for their Chocolate 

Fashion Show. This is where Seli had the opportunity to partner with one of the most renowned chocolate makers Vincent Guerlais

 to create the famoous chocolate dress worn by model Noémie Lenoir. 

Although she was the only student at the time taking part in this competition, her creation was an astonishing success.

Following these achievements, Seli decided to launch her own brand, Seli Gallien in 2014 and made her debut during London Fashion week the same year.

We wish her a lot of similar success for her next endeavors.