This particular story of the founders of French Haute Couture brand Leonard relates strongly to those of IFA Paris. And they finally met in Shanghai again.

The story begins in 1958 when Jacques Léonard advises Daniel Tribouillard to start a creating company bearing his name. The latter succeeds in launching and developing his brand a few years later. It particularly focuses on the floral prints – including the chrysanthemum, according to Daniel Tribouillard, «flower without geometric limitations» – and to the extreme quality of his creations, before diversifying the brand into fragrances and accessories.

The leaders of the French fashion house Leonard and those of IFA Paris have known each other for many years, it is because Daniel Tribouillard has been friends with Wladimir Kouzmine-Karavaieff, CEO of Nina Ricci for 50 years as well as President of the Perfumery Federation and father of the President of IFA Paris. Daniel Tribouillard and Patrick Kouzmine-Karavaieff had contact again during the visit of the Colbert Committee in Shanghai in 2005.

Leonard Store at Plaza 66, Shanghai

The new stage of their long relationship is marked by respect and friendship and they met last Wednesday in Shanghai, at the Plaza 66. Daniel Tribouillard and his daughter, Nathalie Tribouillard Chassaing gathered friends and journalists in their store located at famous Plaza 66 in Shanghai, on the edge of Jing’an. The interiors embellished with colors, flowers and drawings inspiring the joy of living. Guests were able to admire the new printed silks which makes the reputation of the fashion house and shows the happiness of its customers.

For many years, IFA Paris and its founders, Patrick Kouzmine-Karavaieff and Olivia Chai, were somehow privileged witnesses of the growing success of this French brand. The proof today: the Leonard House has established over 100 shops in twenty countries worldwide – including its flagship store, on the street Pierre 1er de Serbie in Paris. Leonard is a member of the Colbert Committee that works for the reputation of the French art of living and brings together the biggest houses of excellence in the most varied fields such as the fashion, the art of the table, the fabrics, the wine or the champagne.

A story, a source of inspiration and a good learning case for students of IFA Paris!