Natacha Tarascon, whose background is in pharmacy and who worked all over the world is the Strategic Marketing Director Asia for the skincare division of Intercos.

The skincare division, called CRB (Centre de Recherches Biocosmétiques) consist of a team of global experts who extensively researches and creates exclusive formulas for the top worldwide brands, delivering the most advanced innovation and technology in skin care.

CRB’s global marketing team supports clients through the entire product development process; from the presentation of avant-garde concepts and formulations to the arrival of the final product in the marketplace. Therefore, as the head of the Strategic Marketing Department in Asia, Natacha Tarascon helps and advises CRB’s client on how to market their product on a daily basis. It starts with identifying the target and positioning the product accordingly.Natacha Tarason at IFA Paris

Indeed, the formula of the product includes different ingredients depending on which country you want to sell your product. She also helps clients to figure out which packaging is in accordance with the target and the product positioning. 

Natacha enlivened her talk by giving a few examples of failures and successes as well as anecdotes on her daily job.

This engaging talk really interested or MBA Luxury Brand Management students who wanted to keep in touch with Natacha for further questions and stories. The IFA Paris’ CAC (Career & Alumni Center) will definitely organize another session to get a deeper understanding of the cosmetic industry and the marketing strategies involved.

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