The CEO of Pink Diamonds Boutique, French gemologist Nicolas Jouvenceau, visited IFA Paris a few days ago to present his colored-investment grade diamonds business. If he tries to buy and sell “the most fabulous diamonds and fine jewels”, his first priority is to “educate clients”.Nicolas Jouvenceau at IFA Paris

Diamond expert Nicolas Jouvenceau came to IFA Paris on February 18th to share his art and science of natural colored diamonds, and improve basic and common knowledge on gems and stones. He took the opportunity as well to introduce the ideal strategy for jewelry. “Our job is to buy and sell diamonds to consumers, to shops, to designers, to investors, who often look for exotic and high performing investment and are discreetly traded worldwide. But we also do jewelry, customize and design jewelry. We became designers because people asked us to do it!”

“In China, most of the clients are consumers, added Nicolas Jouvenceau. If we focus a lot on rare colors – because they are very appreciated in China, and for their high value –, the fact is the majority of Chinese consumers don’t know why a color is so expensive or so special. That’s why my top priority is education.” Nicolas Jouvenceau emphasized the importance of being well advised, in order to get the right stone, the right diamond.

“Some are extremely rare and extremely valuable.”

“The gemologist finally explained how the Internet and the social networks, like WeChat help extending the opportunities and make possible to reach the market without an expensive distribution or marketing – without any shop.”

In front of a captivated audience, the CEO of Pink Diamonds Boutique talked about his passion the same way the creative director of a fashion brand would present his new collection. He revealed lots of surprising or unknown details. “You can scratch anything with a diamond but it cannot be scratched!”   “Normal diamonds are transparent but they also exist in virtually all colors, however they areextremely rare and are bound to be rarer and rarer with dwilling supply.” The French gemologist explained that most of the best gems today come from the most important mines and alluvial sources from Russia, South America, Africa (and of course South Africa, headquarter of the conglomerate De Beers), and Australia. Nicolas Jouvenceau Campus Talk

A former engineer specialized in energy, Nicolas Jouvenceau told more interesting details on some gems mysterious appearance. “Rubys and sapphires are made from the same crystal. They have the same mineral, Corundum, with the same structure and chemical composition, containing oxygen and aluminum. But when another special chemical enters in it, it turns for example to red. If it’s titanium, it will turn to blue. Red and blue are just two of the many colors found in gems. Impurities or trace amounts of other elements can produce a spectrum of colors, yellow, green or pink gems.”

Nicolas Jouvenceau finally explained how the internet and the social networks in particular, like WeChat help extending the opportunities and make possible to reach the market without an expensive distribution or marketing – without any shop. WeChat, alone, can enable a new business model at the retail end!

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