Several students of the MBA Global Fashion Media program of IFA Paris released the first issue of “Blurred”, an avant-garde and off-the-wall magazine, which is a great success.

“The nature of our magazine Blurred was to…blur the lines in fashion!” says its inspired editor-in-chief, Emilie Heyl, student in MBA Global Fashion Media at IFA Paris. “We wanted to incorporate a sustainable aspect to our theme as we believe this is a hot topic at the moment. The aim of this project was to question the audience on gender blurring and about what is sustainable.” 

The challenge was met! The first and ambitious summary of the trendy magazine Blurred, made from A to Z at IFA Paris and printed at 50 copies with the support of the school, is filled with interesting ethical fashion and sustainable clothing angles and stories. “The new century has realised how vulnerable our planet has become. In line with eco-conscious movements, the world of fashion needs to take into consideration the impact of mass production and manufacturing techniques” writes Emilie Heyl.

Served by an arty and efficient lay-out and stunning visuals, Blurred gives disturbing data about the impact of textile industry. “15% of cotton is wasted during the manufacturing process, which equals to 38.5 billion litres of water being wasted yearly.” On her side Hayley Edy describes the impact of the denim industry on the environment. “2000 litres of water is used to manufacture a single pair of organic cotton jeans!” In his captivating article, author Karim Kurdi explains the tenuous links, advantages and disadvantages between print and digital industries.

But Blurred is first a fashion (and e-fashion, with a digital version on its way) magazine! Its' lifestyle and unisex fashion reports are blurring, “challenging the boundaries” between men and women. On a lighter note, Amina Sutter captures the essence of Paris most edgy looks and fashion “from the cool Marais to the fancy Rive Gauche...”

Blurred is in fact a good blend. “Making a magazine is a lot of work but it’s worth it. It wasn’t always easy but with the help of our lecturers and the creativity of each team member, we managed to create an original magazine. We are very proud of the result!” adds Emilie Heyl. Her readers are already waiting for the next issue!

And to learn more about this program: MBA Global Fashion Media