The fashion company Baroque is becoming quite active on the global scale in the “start of the era”. It wants to become the company that “people really needs.” 

Undergraduate Fashion Marketing students of IFA Paris were really glad to visit few days ago the Japanese fashion company Baroque, created in 2000 and launched since several brands like Moussy, Sly, Rodeo Crowns, Rienda, Black by Moussy or Azul by Moussy. A very instructive moment. Baroque expanded from Tokyo its overseas operations, with today 348 stores throughout Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

The human resource supervisor took the students around the showroom of two brands in particular : Moussy and Sly – for which the visual merchandising teams actually launch a new collection every month. The training manager gave the students a detailed introduction about the brand culture – steady goods management and quality control first – and its marketing methods.

Most of students felt interested by this company’s culture. “I like its environment and approach and want to work in this kind of company” commented one student. 

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