Postgraduate students in Luxury Brand Management and Fashion Business of IFA Paris just visited Steelcase, with a specific topic idea called “the power of place (办公场所的能量)”.

During their visit few days ago in the walls of the company, the students enjoyed and learned very much from Steelcase’s China director, Ambroise d’Hauteville’s presentation. Steelcase “offers workplace solutions changing work environment, adapting todays requirements of nomade professionals, moving from one spot to another, focusing more on project work with interconnected departments” said Mr d’Hauteville. 

The company produces ergonomic office furnitures, architectural and technology products for office environments called “worklife” catering to fortune 500 companies, from banking to education, from automotive to healthcare, from real estate to aeronautic industries.

The students were first divided into groups and brainstormed about what brand meant to them. After discussion, they watched a video introducing Steelcase's company culture and vision and their passion in delivering amazing brand value to customers. The students showed their curiosity by asking insightful questions and shared their own experiences in how workplace design and change affected them.

At the end, they were led by Ambroise d’Hauteville to take a tour into the office for experiencing a “touch and feel” opportunity by testing the products.

For more information on these two postgraduate programs, please visit: Postgraduate Courses at IFA Paris