Luxury Brand Management MBA students visited Radisson Blu hotel in Ortakoy, Istanbul as a part of the Hospitality module. The module which aims at giving the students a thorough understanding and knowledge about the key players of the industry, the best practices and the latest trends about the sector. During this field trip our students had the chance to visit all the departments of the hotel, sample rooms and the special Vakko Suite which is designed and decorated by famous Turkish luxury brand Vakko.

Students met with the department managers and asked them questions about their operations to better understand the latest and best practices. The students were informed thoroughly by the department managers about luxury accommodation and welcoming guests of this special hotel and how the brand communicates with its clientele from the moment they arrive until they leave.

At the end of the visit our students were gathered in the meeting room dedicated to them to listen to the Country Director of Sales, Hakan Alakus. He gave a briefing to our students about the management and scope of operations and how they maintain their competitive place in the industry. Our students will continue to explore different parts of the luxury industry and will continue to visit more companies to witness best practices in the related domains.

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