The young designer graduated from IFA Paris reached the top spots on the podium of the world's first fashion competition. Her future looks bright. 

Alumna Karen Topacio (, graduated in 2015 with a Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design at IFA Paris, has finished in the top 20 of the 500 Prize finalists LVMH Graduates – won this year by three British stylists. The judges said that regarding Karen Topacio, « the decision was extremely hard to take » and warmly congratulated her for « the impressive quality of her work. »

The price LVMH was created in November 2013 by the leading French fashion and luxury goods company to encourage « the development, renewal and development of creative talents essential to the vitality and diversity of the ecosystem of fashion. » It has two components : the « Prize LVMH Young Fashion Designer » for the young professionals under 40 who have produced at least two professional collections, and the « LVMH Prize Graduate », to which students can compete as graduates of fashion schools running a cycle of at least 3 years.

After the competition, Marc Alizart, chairman of LVMH Graduate Awards, held to « personally congratulate » the young designer graduated from IFA Paris for having « reached the top 20 finalists among the 500 candidates from around the world. » And encouraged her to let LVMH and the current direction of the price know about her « current and future projects. » For sure promising.

Away from working solely on new variations of colours or silhouettes, Karen Topacio continually seeks to integrate innovations into her clothes, in terms of new materials or design. Thus, for her ending program collection, she has incorporated wooden elements treated by laser cuts that add a third dimension to her clothes. For the project she has developed ahead of the E-fashion awards (the show will take place on June 10th in Paris), she uses an interactive recording motion software developed specifically for this project, to generate volumes random which serve as basis for her collection’s design.