IFA Paris fashion and design school students showed of their fashion creations and designs to their family and friends at the annual Graduation Fashion Show in Shanghai.

IFA Paris Graduation Fashion Show 2015

The IFA Paris Parents Show is a key moment for the young creators and stylists of IFA Paris. A moment of truth also on the runway. The 2015 version was no exception to the rule. On the catwalk were presented the young designers new favorite design achievements. School’s administrators and directors, professors, and students joined by their parents, were here. A long waited moment as several awards were also presented on this occasion.

IFA Paris selected this year six Awards Winners 2015, including one first prize and five second prizes, according to the students 3 years score ranking (the score of 2014 covers 40%, scores of other years covers 60%), their English level and also their enthusiasm for pursuing further their studies abroad. 

The 5 second Awards winners received free Postgraduate Program at IFA Paris, at the Paris campus (for a value of 15 800 euros.) Same for the first Award winner, who won also a round-trip flight ticket Shanghai-Paris (for a value of 17 000 euros.)

Several graduates testified and explained that they have learned much during their three years studies at IFA Paris. They said that they have learned not only the French art of Haute Couture and conception of design, but also how to manage for themselves a fashion designer’s career. They added that they really appreciated the school’s overall training and instruction. As also, they told, their parents!

The corresponding program is our Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology.