A true fashion lover, yoga follower and globe-trotter - she lived in Munich, Beijing, Paris and Shanghai, Darat Lertkachonsuk, who graduated in 2014 with a Master of Luxury Brand Management at IFA Paris, worked for more than two years with ELLE magazine as a beauty assistant editor. She joined few months ago LVMH group and Christian Dior PR in Bangkok.

Michel Temman : You just joined the PR of Dior in Bangkok. How did you manage to be hired and what is your role in these new functions ?

Darat Lertkachonsuk : I was applying for jobs in the luxury field since I graduated from IFA Paris – with distinction ! –, and found this opportunity. I have joined Dior Thailand few months ago, where my role is clear : to optimize the brand exposure on media and create synergies between press and customer relation management events, to control and manage brand image. My missions are multiple : conduct prospect relationship management analysis for media coverage, coordinate visual plan and media plan with an advertising agency, coordinate and implement all commercial events in boutiques and outside venues. I also liaise closely with Dior regional office in Hong Kong and Singapore, to manage products logistic and ensure the appropriate image of the brand. I also organize press and VIP customers regional trips, develop and authorize press release…  

MT : What did you already learn from it ? Darat Lertkachonsuk

Darat Lertkachonsuk : I learned and still learn that to build a luxury brand is difficult as well as maintaining it !  

MT : What is a kind of dream for you to join a name as prestigious as Dior ? 

Darat Lertkachonsuk : Frankly, I never had high expectations. I knew that I should do my best in everything. An opportunity is something you should not wait or overlook ! Now, I’m really glad to be part of LVMH, one of the luxury empires where everyone want to be part of.  

MT : You previously worked for ELLE magazine as a beauty editor. Was it a successful experience ? What did you learn there ?

Darat Lertkachonsuk : I adore many inspirations behind color palette and skincare. Behind all the nice collections are hard work, creativity and know-how, not only from the brands but also all the art creators, photographers, stylists, or even scientist who contributed to each work. Being a beauty editor makes you see through all the processes of those innovation and creativity closely. You are the medium to share those inspirations to the readers.    

MT : You graduated IFA Paris with a Master of Luxury brand management. Could you tell us about your studies at IFA Paris, not only in terms of studies but also on the human aspect ?

Darat Lertkachonsuk : My year is Paris is one of my happiest memory ! I loved to meet my great friends and teachers, actually in two different cities, Paris and Shanghai. I think it is very positive for IFA Paris to introduce experienced lecturer who work on luxury field and share their experiences with us. For one semester, i had some difficulty, while the teaching was entertaining. But IFA encouraged me to work in a real field, as I had also assignments with group projects which i found very useful. I really liked when the school took us, in Paris, to Lesage, to the Maison Louis Vuitton, as well as in shanghai when we visited Patek Philippe and more. It is always nice to see how things work in the backstage because when you decided to work in the luxury field, you also discover that it is not full of glitters, and more of hard work. If you want to take it, you must take both aspects.   

MT : You volunteered in improving educational standards for elementary school students in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand. Do you think that the education is a key of Thailand's dynamic present and future ? And how do you see IFA Paris's teaching and educational mission in your country ?

Darat Lertkachonsuk : Everyone knows that education is a foundation for the future. I also think that every school as well as the IFA Paris is building a process for the future. However, I think that fashion schools are not yet as welcomed by Asian parents as MBA business, economic or medical studies. It takes time to convince them that fashion is the same as other businesses; you must know how to manage this matter, which IFA comes to its advantages with its MBA in Luxury Brand Management