Always join a cocktail party when you’re invited : it can change your life ! Few days ago, the IFA Paris MBA students were invited to a cocktail party at the boutique Rene Caovilla, the Italian luxury shoes brand located on the 2F of Lane Crawford (  

A great opportunity to meet each other, to catch up people and news, as several IFA Paris alumni were also there. A rich encounter also because some MBA students already working at a senior position inside the fashion industry joined the event. Some others just graduated from IFA Paris and already started their own business. All IFA Paris family members exchanged their opinions on careers, studies and of course fashion.  

“Knowing people, maintain a network : a key in the fashion industry !”  

During the cocktail, the IFA Paris students could learn more about the brand René Caovilla (, but also perform they talent for public relations and enrich their network. Remember : knowing people, maintain a network is a key in the fashion industry ! Many IFA Paris students started their career after making only one single encounter during a cocktail. A brief moment which changed their life forever.