On November 26, IFA MBA students went to the Swatch Art Space and visited the FACES & TRACES Art Exhibition.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel has welcomed 139 artists-in-residence in the studios and artist quarters in the past 3 years. Swatch hosts the artists for 3 to 6 months, giving them a perfect environment to experiment, exchange, and express themselves. When the artists leave, Swatch asks them to leave a “trace” of their work—a work of art or other memento of their time in the Hotel.

The postgraduate students saw these traces as they are presented alongside photographic portraits of each of the artists. Together, these “FACES & TRACES” open up a fascinating window on contemporary art from China and around the world.

It has been a great experience for IFA PARIS students who were able to witness how a fashion brand cooperates perfectly with artists and the art industry.