A beautiful suit is a work of Art! At a time where fast fashion brands flood the market with well-constructed and cheap suits, certain brands are taking the opposite approach and stand as firm representatives of a movement called slow fashion. Suit Supply, a Dutch brand focusing on bespoke tailoring, is the embodiment of this trend.

While visiting the Suit Supply “Shanghai Apartment Store”, IFA Paris MBA students met with Mr Mattias Wahl who explained them the philosophy of the brand. In a world where fashion has become disposable, Suit Supply is providing its clients with a personalized service.
Through careful construction techniques, selection of high quality fabrics and creative designs, Suit Supply has become a reference in terms of suit tailoring. The students observed that the brand was focusing on creating a cohesive and superior customer experience that is akin to what one would experience from the tailors of Saville Row!
This field trip is part of the many activities organized by the Postgraduate Department of IFA Paris to connect the students with the latest industry trends.