Shangxia is a lifestyle luxury brand whose roots are firmly set within Eastern Traditions. It is established by China young artist Qionger Jiang and supported by The HERMES group through a JV partnership. When you study luxury brand management in Shanghai, you must visit the newly opened Shangxia store.

On November 21st, IFA Paris MBA students had the chance to receive a guided tour of this beautiful place by store manager M. Goh.

He introduced the general background of Shang Xia before initiating the students to Chinese traditional craftsmanship. From delicate tea sets to precious wood furniture, all pieces in the shop illustrate the concepts of exclusivity and sophistication. The climax of the visit was the “essayage” of a handicraft cashmere coat without any seems and needle work, just created by hand massage!

In addition M. Goh showed the students a special piece of craftsmanship in Shangxia: a Box called ’Pass it on’, that encompasses the collective memory of the Chinese people. Goh said: ”I believe IFA PARIS students are very much in touch with Chinese traditional design, sprit and handicraft skills which is essential to understand the evolution of the global panorama of the luxury industry”.

This field trip is part of the many activities organized by IFA PARIS Career and Alumni Center, as part of the MBA Courses.