IFA Paris held its graduates’ Fashion Show @ 2015 Shanghai Fashion Week, where 16 students showed 46 looks for a fast paced show that took the audience from woodlands to wildflowers, from the sea to the stars.

All works were created from the graduates of IFA Paris: these young designers are from China, France, Britain, India, Ghana, Zimbabwe, etc. Like many designers from other countries, they had to study professional knowledge of Language and Fashion. They built a diversified international class environment and got a global fashion view as well.

Any culture exist two extreme manifestations. The active part is the developing trend of global fashion, and the fashion circle is getting closer to the youth, including new technology, brand-new texture, and fashionable sport style, which is popular for several seasons.

Vinosupraja Audikesavalu, student from India, is the gold medal gainer of 2014 academy’s annual graduation project. Therefore, she got the full scholarship of fashion design master degree’s course in Paris campus. Vino left us a deep impression not only in the exquisite craft and unique design philosophy, but also in her magnificent short film of the design philosophy.

Ruonan SUN is one of 2014 IFA Paris‘ top ten students. Her inspiration came from sport shoes, and she tried to deliver an active city attitude of athleticism. So she mixed several elements like the shape of sport shoes, shoelace, shoe sole print, and used popular high-tech texture like air interlayer and ventilate jersey. The print of the garment constituted from different running shoes, using digital printing technology, looks bright in color, thus the ensemble amazed the whole audience.

Over the years, IFA Paris cultured students’ professional skill, and at the same time pay great attention to let them keep a foothold in a professional way in the fiercely competitive international fashion industry. After they baptized by the traditional French fashion education, they came to realize their own culture’s distinctiveness, and the influence to their design philosophy. They extended, innovated and developed traditional craft and texture, which made common people discover the hope light of international fashion design’s new blood!