One of IFA Paris’ objectives is to help its students face the fashion industry’s realities. This is the reason why this year, IFA Paris chose once again to enter its annual show featuring the “graduate collections” of the Bachelor Fashion Design programme for the Shanghai Fashion Week. This gives selected students from both Paris and Shanghai campuses the opportunity to introduce their designs to buyers, fashion editors and, more widely, to the fashion professionals that make up the audience of the Shanghai Fashion Week. This also allows the students enrolled in this programme to take part in all the stages of the organisation of a professional fashion show.

This event also presents IFA Paris with the unique opportunity of supporting  those of its graduates that choose to create their own brand.

This year Anna Peng (graduated in 2014) introduced her latest collection from her brand MYSMARCI : completely white and transparent silhouettes with an astonishing work of anatomical applications and 3D embroideries. 

The 45 designs of the fashion show, by displaying a wide variety of inspirations and techniques, reflect the different origins and paths of IFA Paris students, the diverse and solid techniques, from the more traditional to the more innovative ones that we teach at IFA Paris.

These techniques allow our future designers a great creative freedom: work on anatomy again and “Couture” embellishment modernized by sportswear references for the Frenchwoman Valentine Metzger; patchwork prints, influenced by pop art as in the case of the Chinese Zooky Zhoo or by more folk sources in that of the Indian Vinosupraja Audikesaval;  variations on black or Origami garments for the Chinese Chance Wang; experimental research on wood, graphically applied to transparency for the Ghanaian Adjoa Philips or attempts to create garments without almost any seams, by making them out of wooden and coral beads supported by an assembly of jute bands, for the Englishwoman Barbara Biosah…

We hope that for the sake of our gifted designers, this show, enthusiastically acclaimed by the audience, will be the first in a long series.