Make my own MYSMARCI, and fight for make dream!   

In Shanghai Fashion Show‘s IFA Paris’ session, Anna Peng brought her nine white collection fashion garment of her personal brand MYSMARCI firstly on stage and form the first climax that night .  

MY three years’ practical study at IFA Paris:

As Anna said: She thought she found her own self, for IFA is a magical place and owns a special atmosphere so as to push people to prove themselves when stepping into this creativity building. With our excellent teachers and tangible chances, we should work hard in these three years as return.

My collection: ‘Medusa’

The collection shine in the IFA Paris session including nine garment on the T stage and more than 20 original fashion garments and over 10 accessories.

The inspiration comes from Medusa, an ancient Greek mythology. She’s Poseidon’s daughter and owing to her outstanding beauty, she was cursed and turned into an enchantress with masses of snake hair. But this can’t influence her charm, and she lives with confidence and elegant. Even one glance can people fall in love with her deeply. So Anna hopes that the lady nowadays can reach that as well: Regardless of all the setbacks and the worse way the world treat them, they can still be positive and fearless. 

In the process of designing and producing, what matters is the great challenge of technology. There are over hundreds and thousands slice of lace embroidery range in the whole collection together with leather carving technology, which enables the work present its generosity and morbidezza.