Spotted! Seventeen young designers from IFA Paris successfully presented their collections on the runway of the second Shanghai Fashion Week on October 22nd, 2013.   

The show has not only captured massive coverage from present domestic medias including PPTV,, ICS, Elle China, Youku, Sina, Sohu,, Timeout Shanghai, ILook, Gracia, StyleTV etc., but international industrial partners such as Louis Vuitton China, Nike, Muji, Promod and C&A also witnessed and congratulated these IFA Paris designers moment.   

It has become part of the tradition of IFA Paris to be given the honor to master the runway of Shanghai Fashion Week. However, for IFA Paris, the core tradition is to focus on presenting the best rather than throwing an event for the sake of being part of the show.   

“This show truly amazed me by its professional organization and calculated details. IFA Paris has definitely caught our eyes by presenting such mature collections!” said the chief editor of a magazine. Besides that, by putting together a selection of both designers from the Shanghai and Paris campuses, IFA Paris has wisely captured the distinctions of everyone’s designs influenced by their cultural heritages, while creating an alluring fusion of futurism and modernism in all designs at this time of information and technology. Embroidery, stereo embossing, geometrical patterns, laser cutting, traditional printing, beads…It is impossibly difficult to really pick a “favorite”, for all the garments format a beautiful blend of the east and west, sweet and dangerous, hot and cold, and future and the past.   

“Dashing, edgy, full of originality and energy.” This was our first impression of this group of young designers prior the show. They are mostly born in the early 1990s and they are from all corners of the globe. They are those who we call “naturals” when it comes to collecting information using various methods available, representing their identities and dreams through countless social media channels and connecting with those who share the same world whenever and however.     

Indeed the center of gravity of the world is moving towards the East, and this generation experiences it first-hand. Many of the fashion designers selected are Chinese. We believe that learning is not just about knowledge and skills, but also the attitude. “I want to be low-key, aware and focused to truly contribute to the originality and development of Chinese fashion design, just like Ma Ke (chief designer of Chinese fashion brand Exception).” When asked after the show, about what to expect professionally in five years, one of the young Chinese designers said so. We are thrilled to see that many of them are open to perspectives gained by learning French fashion design. And this is the attitude which is able to keep us to maintaining our quality of education, and thrive for better.   

Please stay tuned for IFA Paris’ “the designer series” on these individual young designers and insights of their journeys to fashion design. About IFA Paris: IFA Paris offers students the best of traditional and innovative French techniques with campus in Paris, Shanghai, Istanbul and Bangkok.   Undergraduate courses in fashion design and marketing, and postgraduate courses in business, communication and luxury are all available at IFA Paris.   With international lecturers who bare outstanding industry experience in both couture and avant-garde approaches, IFA Paris is at the forefront of fashion and luxury education and offers courses that reflect the breadth of opportunity available in this vibrant industry.