Being the head of this “Digital Strategy Powerhouse based in China” and one of IFA Paris’ industrial partners, Mr. Kellner will be presenting a series of insights, solutions and strategies on digital marketing of fashion &retail in the coming future to IFA Paris MBA Fashion Business and MBA Luxury Brand management students. Case studies, statistics, videos and audience interactions will be applied to support the speech.

It is not news that digital has invaded our daily life and ecommerce saw an unprecedented rise, especially in Asia. The empowerment of the new generation represents a critical path and is pushing brands to use digital in unexpected new ways in retail spaces. Online shops, mobile apps, digital sales and outlets…you name it. Traditional business have to face more digital integration, new shopping wills, new "experiential" patterns and needs to adapt its business models to those new trends.

The rise of social media has brought new consumption patterns that might durably affect some brands. Hows and Whys will also be discussed during the speech.

The speech will be given at 5:30pm, December 16th in 508, No.350 Xian Xia Road, Shanghai. The speech is students and invitation only.