Name Age Nationality

William Law


Hong Kong, China

City of Residence



Hong Kong

2010 - Hong Kong Design Institute for Fashion Image Design (Hong Kong)

2013 - Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology, IFA Paris (Paris)




Collection Name Year Started


“Virtual Links” 2013

Shanghai Fashion Week SS 2014 - Featured

Citroen Creative Awards 2011 Style Contest - Silver Prize


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Your oldest Fashion Design memory, good or bad?

My oldest Fashion Design memory was a beautiful accident. I put together a series of uniforms for pilots and flight attendants just for fun, and it got actually chosen and used by an airline company.

Who are you as a Fashion Designer?

I like to combine romanticism with modernity. I like the contrast of these two when put together.

Describe your lifestyle?

Photography, music, sports, drawing, painting…I don't limit my life to any routine because I actually have a lot of hobbies which benefit my design and vice versa.

What inspires you?

An image – M.C. Escher’s drawings are the source of my inspirations. They beautifully illustrate the perfect concept of construction, and constructionism is my design signature.

Which particular talent or skill (creativity, techniques, business) would you like to be remembered for?

I like making simple-looking fabrics which actually demand a lot of time to be constructedIt’s always funny to see people being surprised at the price of certain fabrics because they have neglected the effort and time devoted to producing these fabrics.

How are you at work?

I am very focused. No one disturbs me when I am in the middle of designing!  

What makes a Fashion Designer?

The handwork. It might not be the most technical part of the whole design, but is definitely time consuming. I believe a good designer who is fully committed makes decent products.

What is essential to a successful collection?

An edgy attitude to fear nothing and amazing skills to stand out. 

Pick one city / place in the world where to work.

I would like to work in New York City. I think it is the perfect place to understand how to balance creativity and commercialism.

Your design you are most proud of?

Last year at IFA Paris, I insisted to apply cool technology to this dress for a design competition and it was very time consuming. The whole school dropped everything to help and support me till we finished it one night before the competition.

Who is your role model?

Alexander McQueen – His life is magnificently inspiring!

You in five years’ time?Hopefully I can carry on doing what I am good at in this competitive and demanding industry.
You studied / worked / lived in Paris and / or Shanghai. Something in this city / these cities you think is really cool?(Can be anything: brands, artists, places, activities, blogs, bands etc. What makes them cool?)

It is more of an experience rather than a “thing”. The other day, I saw a job in Shanghai? / Paris? to correct trousers length. The job requirement was “fashion design related degree holders with two years’ work experience”! It is a bit ironic, but I think it’s a cool sign that people start to realize here in China that clothes is not just about cutting and sewing, but knowledge and talent. It’s just as well a noble profession.

Influential people in Fashion Design in Shanghai or Paris?

This person does not really exist; the industry in PRC lacks support still. 

One key art or cultural inspiration that you would recommend?

I think the whole Chinese civilization had been a hidden treasure until the country opened up. Now it’s time to look, learn, and be inspired! Chinese crafting works, especially ivory crafting amazingly showcase the worker’s skills with its vivid detailing.  

After these years at IFA Paris: an experience that transformed you?

I was a bit pessimistic about the situation of fashion design in China before I joined IFA Paris. The whole experience there has made me quite optimistic and confident about fashion in China.   

What is your next project?

I am designing a whole new collection by myself again. This has always been on the list and I hope it comes out even more mature and ready-to-wear than my last collection “Virtual Links”. Stay tuned!