Name Age Nationality

Sona Sun


Zhejiang, China

City of Residence




2010 - Painting, Central Conservatory of Music, (Beijing)  

2013 - Bachelor, Fashion Design & Technology, IFA Paris (Shanghai)




Designer Profile

2013 – “Play” graduation collection, selected for Shanghai Fashion Week SS2014

In the media:



You as a Fashion Designer

Your oldest Fashion Design memory, good or bad?

It’s a good one! I have always loved drawing and music. I painted totems and logos of popular music bands on my plain white converse shoes with propene. Being the “kid with one-of-a-kind cool shoes” totally boosted my self-confidence. 

Who are you as a Fashion Designer?

I became obsessed to wearing my own designs, and each garment has to be the perfect blend of art and skill. Accessories and details are cream of the crop when it comes to styling. 

Describe your lifestyle?

My life is more or less about designing and art. I like drawing, painting, collecting information, attending events and playing video games.

What inspires you?

An image – Picasso’s “The Dream” has fully illustrated the highest skill of abstract painting. He is my muse. 

Music – I like independent pop, hip hop and rap musicians such as The TingtingsYing Yang Twins and Eminem.

A video game – I am very fond of Tetris. It calms me down, inspires me and is the major theme of my collection “Play”.

Which particular talent or skill (creativity, techniques, business) would you like to be remembered for?

I am confident in my sketching and Illustrator skills. They are very handy skills when it comes to pattern making. 

How are you at work?

I keep myself busy when working. I think it only makes sense to involve oneself with all steps of the process. I spread my time to doing market and trend researches by reading, attending fashion shows and client meetings, negotiating with fabric dealers, discussing with professionals on design feasibility and details, and communicating internally with the team. Only by knowing the bits and pieces can one assure the quality of the garments. 

What makes a Fashion Designer?

Talent and devotion. This goes to everything in life no? 

What is essential to a successful collection?

Positioning. I think practical and I think it is essential to have a clear purpose behind each decision. A successful collection or brand needs sufficient market research and positioning as the guideline for further decisions on pricing, marketing and distribution.     

Pick one city in the world where to work, which one?

Shanghai – I am a firm believer of the bright future of Chinese independent design, and the center of the world is definitely moving to the East! 

Your design you are most proud of?

It has to be “Play”, the collection I have just designed. They represent very well my style and what I am good at: Hand-painted patterns, knitting, origami, neon colors etc.. I am super proud!

Who is your role model?

My parents. I don’t feel like I need to ask for anything from them, but in case I do need something, they are always there for me no matter what. I feel both secure and free with this feeling, and it can take me very far.

You in five years’ time?

I want to plan every step of my life wisely and I desire to start my own brand and company.

Something in town you think is really cool?

(Can be anything: brands, artists, places, activities, blogs, bands etc. What makes them cool?)

798 Art District in Beijing - I lived in Beijing for a while and I really fell for the artistic sphere that city conceives. 798 Art District is perfect for people who love art and inspirations like me. It is a community with extremely talented Chinese artists who have their studios located and designs shown. It’s kinda like East London nowadays, hip, edgy and arty. 

Influential people in Fashion Design in Shanghai or Paris?

Vera Wang – She is an American-Chinese fashion designer based in New York. She is known for her wide range of haute couture bridesmaid gowns and wedding gown collections, as well as for her clientele of elite ladies figure skaters, designing dresses for competitions and exhibitions. 

One key art or cultural inspiration that you would recommend?

Traditional Chinese couplet - In Chinese poetry, a couplet is a pair of lines of poetry which adhere to certain rules. Outside of poems, they are usually seen on the sides of doors leading to people's homes or as hanging scrolls in an interior. The words contain lots of cultural information and the characters are just constructively beautiful patterns. 

After four years at IFA Paris: an experience that transformed you?

Experience at IFA Paris is eye-opening: It made me realize that the industry is so much more than the bubble that fashion magazines have created. Creation of a garment determines more than just talent, and I am glad that the lecturers at IFA Paris not only helped me discover my talent, but also enlightened me to give it all to be better. 

What is your next project?

I am now officially a fashion designer at a clothing company based in Shanghai. I got to attend all kinds of fashion shows to research on my own, and work closely with the Chief Designer on technical matters such as sketching, client meetings and pattern making. I love my job!