Meet Julie Pang.

The Shanghai-based Fashion Designer completed her Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology from IFA Paris in 2013 after taking her final year in Paris. She graduated in 2010 from Beijing Language and Culture University.

The 23yo from Mauritius Island tells us more about herself.

Active as a Fashion Designer since 2010

Latest collection: “Hidden”

Shanghai Fashion Week SS 2014 – Featured 2013 IFA Paris Shanghai Fashion Show – Scholarship and “Creativity Award”

“China Textile City Cup” International Fashion Design Competition 2014 – “Media’s Favorite Award”

In the media:

Your oldest Fashion Design memory, good or bad?

I did my first fashion design illustrations at the age of 18! I was convinced I didn’t belong to fashion but still gave it a shot and challenged myself. It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.

Who are you as a Fashion Designer?

I am more of an artsy kind and I am good at mixing art and fashion. I play with prints, lines and shapes to make things my own and personal.

Describe your lifestyle?

A free spirit. I collect bits and pieces from the most common or unwanted things. Anything that’s beautiful and free brings happiness to my heart and inspires me.

What inspires you?

Nature – Flowers and leaves, bugs and their noises are so beautiful and intriguing. They fill my heart with colors, shapes and passion. If I hadn’t chosen fashion as a career, I would probably be working in the forest studying insects by now.

Which particular talent or skill (creativity, techniques, business) would you like to be remembered for?

My illustrations and crafts. I recently started my own handmade jewelry brand. I will soon go to Mauritius and collect my own nature-themed beads from the sea and beaches.

How are you at work?

I am curious and love to create new things.

What makes a Fashion Designer?

Originality, culture and legacy. I think designers should always be original as to define their own style and direction, so they could be recognized for that special thing they possess.

What is essential to a successful collection?

Dedication, time and hard work. There is no magic!

Pick one city / place in the world where to work.

Thailand and Bali are the places that attract me the most at the moment. Unlike Paris and New York, these two places provide amazing nature and peace which make them as inspiring places to work. Perhaps they can be my next holiday destinations.

Your design you are most proud of.

My graduation project “Hidden”. The whole process was a one-of-a-lifetime learning experience and I gave it all to earn it. I am truly proud.

Who is your role model?

Nirrimi Hakanson – I recently have been following the life of this 20-year-old photographer and I find her works impressive and amazingly talented. Quentin Jones – She is one of my favorite fashion illustrator artists. She also makes stop motion animation movies and photography.

You in five years’ time?

Still free, traveling the world and making beautiful things. Never stop exploring.

How do you define the concept of “elegant”?

To me elegance is simplicity while paying attention to details. It's not only about the garment one wears but also the attitude and behaviour one has towards his / her surroundings, people as well as objects.

Something in Shanghai that makes this city special? (Can be anything: brands, artists, places, activities, blogs, bands etc. What makes them cool?), M50 and K11 mall Art galleries – They are on my top list of fun, inspiring and hip contemporary art galleries in Shanghai. This city is full of treasure! The Music Café – I love their cozy style and free knitting classes every Thursday! Shanghai’s former French Concession is full of places like this!

Yoga – A nice and chic yoga studio helps me to meditate and find balance of body and soul after a busy day.

Influential people in Fashion Design in Shanghai or Paris?

Alexander Wang – He is an American designer. He is now Creative Director of Balenciaga. I find him very influential these days. His styles are imprinted on many designs here in china!

One key art or cultural inspiration that you would recommend?

I come from Mauritius, an island where fashion has not developed yet to the fullest. Potential there for fashion is enormous. The wild nature, the sea, the forest and the animals and the rain always inspire me. They shape my personality a lot and who I am as a designer.

After these years at IFA Paris: an experience that transformed you?

I have learnt to set goals and be consistent in my work. I definitely built more self-confidence and know I can succeed if I work hard and believe in myself. I had great teachers at IFA Paris to guide me to the light.

What is your next project?

My nature-themed and hand-made jewelry line is my new focus. I am more than passionate about it! It is still fresh and I was kept so busy to work on the website. But stay tuned, I’m confident that it will turn out fabulous.