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Echo Hui


Shenyang, China

City of Residence




2010 – No. 11 High School of Wurmqi (Wurmqi)

2013 - Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology, IFA Paris (Shanghai)





Collection Name Year Started


“Immemorial Impress”


Shanghai Fashion Week SS 2014 - Featured

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Your oldest Fashion Design memory, good or bad?

This memory has been haunting me.

My dad, who is also in the industry, is my first fashion mentor. He was terrifyingly picky when I presented him my first design. But thanks to his strictness, I have set very high standard for myself since then.  

Who are you as a Fashion Designer?

Trends evolve and change alongside times, but high quality and delicate handwork always please the most picky clients, or designer.  

Describe your lifestyle?

Simple. I am very fond of travelling and I always bring my camera with me to capture beautiful things, and a few novels to allow my mind to wander away.   

What inspires you?

An Image – I get inspired for pattern making by looking at beautiful photographs, Pinterest is the best place to discover them for me every day!

Words – They are very helpful to catch details that eyes often ignore, especially lyrics from traditional Chinese folk songs.

A smell – Different smells associate my brain to colors, places and people vividly.  

Which particular talent or skill (creativity, techniques, business) would you like to be remembered for?

I don't think I am a natural at spotting future trends, but I am certainly very sensitive to the changes of trends, and can scientifically predict the odds of what’s going to be in. Perhaps it’s due to my huge interest in trend study over the years.  

How are you at work?

I am fully focused and devote a lot of time to my work. I am one of those who naturally regard design as a part of their life. I demand very little in terms of food and sleep once I am at work.  

What makes a Fashion Designer?

The pursuit of perfect details. My dad’s success at his job has made me realize the essentialness of perfection of details. This discipline has been benefiting me greatly since I become a Fashion Designer.  

What is essential to a successful collection?

Inspirations and support. It is not difficult to come up with great ideas, but it demands more than just great ideas for a designer to deliver. Being humble and facilitating between your own will and the team who is helping you wins you more than just a successful collection.  

Pick one city in the world where to work, which one?

I would live in a city close to the ocean like Sydney, where the sun and waves provide me an aspiring work environment and life style.  

Your design you are most proud of?

I designed a jacket for my grandma’s birthday at the beginning of my pattern making and draping study. It was everything but perfection, but I will never forget how surprised and proud it made my grandma.  

Who is your role model?

My father, who is in the menswear retail industry. His ideas and principle towards fashion have always been something I look up to.  

You in five years’ time?

To start my own brand and realize my value.  

Something in Shanghai you think is really cool?

(Can be anything: brands, artists, places, activities, blogs, bands etc. What makes them cool?)

Hoodies are very hip these days in Shanghai. They have been a signature of a young and liberal life style in the west for decades. The tiger head and big eye hoods from Kenzoboy London and Juun.J are definitely the key words for hoody lovers now.  

Influential people in Fashion Design in Shanghai or Paris?

This person has not been discovered yet.  

One key art or cultural inspiration that you would recommend?

Traditional Chinese Qi-pao – Also known as Cheongsam, is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women. The formality, the traditional totems such as dragon, phoenix and clouds, and the choice of using silk make it very orientally amusing.  

After four years at IFA Paris: an experience that transformed you?

Getting to learn who I am and what I am capable of in the path of Fashion Design has really made me professionally mature.

Meeting all the helpful and talented lecturers has fully boosted my confidence and courage personally.  

What are you doing at the moment / what do you plan to do short-term?

I am going to study further on Menswear in Europe soon. It is the validation of my fashion dream!