Selimetu Sule (Jane) was one of two winners of IFA Paris’ recent graduate fashion show staged on Wednesday June 27th in the Salle Erard in Paris.  Ms. Sule created a modern collection of softly sculpted sleek silhouettes in black and white directed towards this year’s theme ‘East Meets West,’ inspired by Thai culture and the connection between masculine and feminine.Dedicated to the intrinsic beauty found in the dichotomy of androgyny, her moodboard exemplifies a fusion of opposites through muses like Andrej Pejic, Tilda Swinton and Kate Moss in her iconic Calvin Klein ads from 1993. After a year of hard work, Ms. Sule shared the secrets that made her win so rewarding, and expressed why she is excited to further her studies at IFA Paris.

Name: Sule Selimetu Jane
Place of birth: Lagos Nigeria 

What does this year's theme 'East Meets West' mean to you?

For me, this year’s theme shows the importance of not looking down on other people's culture,looks,or race.  Finding beauty in our differences is infinitely important.

How did you incorporate it into your collection? Can you tell us a little bit about your collection?

First of all, I love art and architecture, so I looked deep into other cultures,race, and architecture to find inspiration. I got really inspired with the culture of Thailand and I found it very interesting that they use mostly men who look like women to act on stage.  I also found that theideals of masculine, feminine in the Western architecture,and also within my personal life, as I grew up with the sorrow of being motherless at such a very young age, very interesting, so all these emotions profoundly influenced my collection.

What was the most difficult part of the design process?

Flat drawings, but I spent lots of detailed time learning them, so now it comes easily to me.

What has surprised you the most?

What surprised me the most is that I could be able to learn so much in such a short time; seeing my dreams of becoming a creative designer come to life in front of my eyes was amazing.

How do you feel to be one of 2012's winners?

Well at first it was like a dream to me, but in the end I was really proud of myself.

How were the final moments leading up to the show?  Did everything go as planned?

Yes, but when there were around 200 people in the audience [industry professionals and VIP], so it was really pressing!

How did your course instructors help you throughout the design process?

Our instructors were really helpful I must say, plus the fact that I was working with very talented people. Everyone from the school director to the computer design teacher was very involved.

Can you describe your collection in five words?

Structured,sophisticated,elegant,bold and creative

What do you plan to do in the future?

Well I am someone who really wants to learn, so I would like to work with talented professionals to gain more experience!

Like all of our design students, we would like to thank and congratulate to Ms. Sule, and we look forward to having her join our Postgraduate program in the fall!