On March 9th, Jerome Cambounet, the South East Asia Director, delivered an interesting institutional presentation on Cache-Cache to our MBA/Masters Fashion Business students in Shanghai.

Cache- Cache is a French dynamic and affordable clothing brand for young women belonging to the group, Beaumanoir. The brand means hide-and-seek in French so in their signature there is a wordplay ‘ mon ‘’je’’ préferé’. The ‘’je’’ means ‘’I’’ but also the word ‘’game’’.

The brand was created in 1985 in France and opened their first store abroad in China in 2005, a strategically sound decision that has seen them grow to about 450 stores all across China. ‘’It is a big surprise, how the brand developed so fast in Asia.’’ commented Lucia Otero from Argentina, which only continues to prove the potential China has to offer with foreign brands who want to make a mark with Chinese consumers.

Mr. Cambounet, talked about a variety of other topics including their brand and development in China, marketing strategies for their stores, various promotions, the displays that feature Cache-Cache clothes, and  supply chain management.  Cache-Cache indeed had to adapt its stores to the Chinese mass-market as they have to be aware of the culture, taste and the environment. A lesson they took from their expansion in Singapore, where Cache-Cache only sold spring and summer clothes due to its year-long warm temperatures.  China continues to be a key market for Cache-Cache as it looks forward to a successful 2012 and beyond.

For their next stop, Cache-Cache looks to conquer America. We wish them a lot of success for their future.

To learn more about the brand: http://www.cache-cache.fr/