Tuesday, July 10, 2012, Paris – IFA Paris launches an exciting cooperation with Luxellence Center, part of C.P. All Plc. Thailand, with its newest location in the nation’s capital, Bangkok. Our visionary initiative foresees the changing dynamic that is already taking place in Southeast Asia’s fashion and luxury markets, offering an MBA in Luxury Brand Management.

Located in two luxury capitals, Paris and Shanghai, IFA Paris counts today approximately one thousand students in its Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.  While 2002 saw the inception of our location in China, in order to answer to the growing need for fashion and luxury professionals locally at the time, similar recent opportunities have arisen in the market in South East Asia, particularly in Bangkok, Thailand.

Counted among Southeast Asia’s growing roster of fashion and luxury capitals, Bangkok continues to flourish in its fashion and luxury markets, targeting wealthy Asian consumers for profit. Despite economic uncertainty, Thailand’s capital anticipates a growth of 3 million tourists over the next year, jumping from 15 million to 18 million foreign visitors, The China Post reported this past April, 2012.

As a result, IFA Paris has decided to join their effort with Luxellence Center in Bangkok to fulfill this growing demand. IFA Paris and Luxellence Center will offer an MBA in Luxury Brand Management which will be taught across three fashion capitals, Shanghai, Paris and Bangkok, for a period of 12 academic weeks, each starting in late 2012. The cooperation is open exclusively to Thai, Cambodian, Laotian and Burmese nationals or foreign residents in Thailand.

The program will survey a wide perspective on Luxury facets, including the following courses:  consumer psychology, emerging markets in luxury and its future, strategic marketing of luxury brands, luxury merchandising, luxury brand management, international negotiation strategy, luxury retail management, luxury distribution, intellectual property issues, accounting and financial management.  Our programs are taught exclusively in English, providing students with the opportunity to study among international faculty and students from across the globe.   

There is already a major demand for luxury professionals to work for European fashion and luxury brands operating in Thailand and individuals with the right training and network will have the opportunity to pursue an amazing career in this high-paced, vibrant industry. Luxellence Center will aim for maximum graduate success, offering close assistance to students who intend to