As I am currently working in a footwear design company, I’m facing some large challenges. It’s different from the fashion design I learned before. Although shoe design has a lot in common with fashion design, I still don’t understand all the techniques and technologies involved. I still have so much to learn. Thanks to the IFA-POLIMODA Program, I have learned that even if I do not know how to do something, I would still be able to find a way to solve the issue.” ——Jessica Deng, Breckelle footwear designer and graduated in 2009 from IFA-POLIMODA  program in Fashion Business. Jessica Deng, is currently working for an American footwear design company, Breckelle in Los Angeles. She is a footwear designer and in charge of design and marketing development. Jessica’s job is to research and analysis trends and design planning for each season. She has been learning a lot from her position. Reflecting on her studies at IFA she said, “I acquired so much knowledge from the program, especially marketing, strategy and branding.” She went to America at the age of 16 to study. Following her college graduation, she started her career working for an American fashion company, where her expectations built. To achieve her goals, she decided to continue her studies. After considering different graduate programs, Jessica chose IFA Paris for its international program and teachers with tremendous work experience in their fields. When we talked about her future, she told us about her big dream. “Like almost all students learning design, I clearly want to have my own brand. In order to achieve that goal, I know that I need more experience.” Besides doing footwear design, Jessica dedicates a lot of time to marketing, strategy and branding. All this work that she is doing draws a clear line to her future career goals.