UPDATE 2017: This scholarship information is outdated, our new scholarship program can be found on our new Scholarships page

IFA Paris is now offering ten scholarships towards its 3-year Bachelor program in Fashion Design & Technology, six of which cover the fees of the entire first year (a total of 7,500 Euros) while the other four cover the entire 3-year program (a total of 22,500 Euros).  Entitled “Be Inspired,” IFA Paris excitedly celebrates its debut undergraduate scholarship, a venture dedicated to recognizing the value of the program core – our students.  And the opportunity has already elicited a glowing number of applicants.  With IFA Paris now one of China’s best fashion schools in Shanghai, and the Paris school recognized as the only local fashion school that offers full undergraduate and MBA programs taught in English, it has garnered valuable international attention and earned pedigree – prodigious progress since its 1982 inception. 

Based competitively in the heart of the 10th arrondissement, alongside the increasingly trendy textiles district and Jean-Paul Gaultier’s atelier, our Paris school positions it’s aspiring entrepreneurs in an environment that fosters success. Home to an elite roster of longstanding fashion houses such as Chanel, YSL, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton, and the Chambre Syndicale’s haute couture week, Paris undoubtedly dominates the global market when it comes to a foundation of design technique.   Our Bachelor of Fashion Design& Technology program teaches students a critical foundation in creative and technical design, balanced by social sartorial influences, including fieldtrips to the city’s most exclusive fashion exhibits and events, such as recent interactions with veteran industry brands Prada, Citroen and Louis Vuitton.

Once admitted to the program, the opportunities don’t stop either.  IFA’s Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology hosts an exciting annual fashion show for its third year bachelor students to flaunt their talent.  June 2012 marks Paris’ 10th defilé, increasing social awareness of the school’s design prowess. Bachelor alum Elias Moussa wowed instructors at last year’s show with an accomplished collection dedicated to their chosen theme, ‘Memory of the Man in Movement,’ which acquired him an MBA/Masters scholarship in Luxury Brand Management. Moussa has since studied in Paris, Florence, and Shanghai, gaining valuable knowledge on the business side of the industry, a paramount foundation for any aspiring designer.  Another success story comes from our top scholarship winner, Mengu Xu, the recipient of a scholarship in IFA Paris’ Postgraduate in Fashion Design.  Hailing from Shanghai, Xu has now studied at both IFA Paris locations.  Not only has the scholarship program enabled Xu to hone her design skills, but it has also provided her with opportunities in both cosmopolitan cities.

So what credentials does it take to register in such a distinguished program?

Along with a maximum two-year break post high school and a minimum TOEFL score of 600 plus, applicants must submit a 1000 word cover letter accompanied by an inspirational clipboard based on the theme ‘East meets West.’ With schools based in both Paris and Shanghai, our team of experts certainly knows the importance of each culture. Our admittance team offers these words of advice to prospective scholarship students: “We encourage you to channel your inner creativity and integrate the disparate worlds into a unified vision.  Come equipped with your most advanced ideas and a passion to succeed, and we hope to offer our financial support and welcome your talent to the intriguing and ever-evolving fashion team at IFA Paris. “    

With just one week left to apply, we encourage you to get inspired.  Do you have what it takes?   We look forward to providing you with this exciting opportunity.