Retailing is the latest buzzword among dynamic young professionals and high-end companies. This up and coming industry is attracting top of the line talent from fashion institutes around the world offering new candidates great career prospects and valued experience. Despite an industrial decline, the retail industry is, in fact, flourishing and especially in China, where Nouveau Riche has established a continued upward trend. On August 8th, 2011, the students of our MBA/Masters in Fashion Business had an opportunity to participate in a seminar with Kenzo Lam, Merchandising Department Manager of NOVO Retail, to understand and get insight on the industry. About NOVONOVO started out as a strategic prodigy of the worldwide apparel maker and retailer, TOPPY International, in conquering the promising Chinese apparel market. Derived from the Latin language, NOVO, itself, means “afresh” and “anew”; its concept caters to young, fashionable and independent individuals. They specifically target consumers who have medium to high income and are continually seeking new ways to express their individuality and uniqueness. Retail Gets Gorgeous, Real and FlashyWith the growing number of wealthy Chinese along with the demand for new products, NOVO has chosen to dive into the retail industry to further the company's plan for growth.  NOVO’s items are hand-selected by trendy and fashion-savvy professionals like Mr. Lam. With 10 years of experience in the industry and inspired by his parent’s work at Levi’s, he has applied his fashion expertise and knowledge to make sure that all products are of the finest quality, authenticity and can assimilate seamlessly into the Chinese market. He looks for popular trends and brands in the world and brings them into the China market; similar to the success he had with brands like Burton and Nike’s Air Force One shoes.   Retailing Meets First Class"We are making it easy for people with the means to find the latest in luxury and fashion" said Mr. Lam. He continued by saying “And indeed you can see why it is easy to retail with Novo, since the company is offering a special “White Glove Service” where customers are treated with first class service and provided with the latest in fashion products.”The bottom lineThanks to smart strategic planning, the growing fashion awareness in consumers and the state of the Chinese economy, NOVO has built a strong foundation for the foreseeable future. This company is definitely one of the top class retailers and one to watch out for when it comes to successfully retailing in the China market.