Students from the MBA/Masters Luxury Brand Management program went to visit the Superbla! Office in Shanghai and got the chance to discover the team’s extensive experiences in digital marketing and PR for luxury brands.

Superbla! is a digital marketing and PR agency whose clients are mainly luxury brands. They specialize in building brand strategy through combining creativity and technology as a mean of expression. It is not just a traditional agency: their core values are extreme creativity and being at the forefront of technology to create emotion and engagement towards their clients’ customers. It is what they called “social guanxi” - network in Chinese -, a sort of interactive and digital community. Their branch Superpress also focuses on public relations and media to build strong relationships with luxury industry influencers in China and often operates through co-branding activities to raise awareness of foreign brands in Asia.

The team members shared their knowledge of brand strategy through case studies and stressed the fact that it is important to stand out of the pack and offer something unique. For example, they differentiate themselves by using art, culture and design as leverages for their clients. They also gave students few tips for their career path such as “explore your creativity, experience different jobs and environments and try things out before settling down”.  A part from their expertise in digital marketing and public relations and their unique way to approach communication plans, I felt the success of the agency was all about passion and doing things that they love.