On November 24th, Mark Jiang, Brand Manager for M·A·C Cosmetics delivered a presentation to students from the MBA in Fashion Business in Shanghai.

Mark Jiang, who is originally from Shanghai and having been working for M·A·C for 5 years, talked briefly about the current brand identity and strategy of M·A·C. makeup. M·A·C, which sells premium professional makeup and cosmetics, has a very specific retail strategy ranging from free stands to independent artists and has collaborations with exclusive partners, notably prestigious endorsers, and through highly creative and colorful campaigns. Their strategy is to position and convey the image of M·A·C as a favored cosmetics brand when it comes to runways or artistic performances and put the emphasis on the professional quality and the vast variety of shades.

“It is not only about makeup, but also about fashion and art in general” said Mr Jiang.

M·A·C, which launches two new collections, limited editions or new campaigns twice a month, is now focusing on East Asia, and more specifically China. The brand, already present in the Middle Kingdom plans to strengthen its strategy and to go digital through Chinese social media.

Besides exposing M·A·C’s strategy, Mark Jiang also provided the students with career building tips and industry insight. He also emphasized the fact that the brand highly supports the fight against A.I.D.S, helping raise hundreds of thousands of US Dollars thanks to their “Viva Glam” lipstick program. I personally find it very appealing that M·A·C uses their brand image and associates itself with glamour to raise interest towards such a serious cause.