Arriving at Mrs. Cretallaz-Speich’s Luxury Theory & Practice class, students were accommodating themselves and soon after, you sense the vast transition when class commences. The atmosphere is evidently not those mind-numbing lectures in which you would fall asleep in. The intense dialogue between teacher and students is what makes the environment so fascinating. The highlight of Thursday class was a personal assessment activity, where students had to reflect on their purpose, ambitions, and values successively to become a key and confident player in the fashion sphere. Her inspiring materials and practical talks clearly infiltrate each student’s awareness of their career endeavors.

She acts as a counselor in the eyes of many students. Addressing the statement that "being passionate" will only make work more enjoyable, which is the trail to success in both professional and personal life. According to this well experienced instructor, being open-minded, flexible, curios, focused, and adaptable to changes will absolutely lead you to great opportunities in the fashion industry. Furthermore, she expresses the importance of focusing on the purpose rather than the function of a profession as it will endow a deeper meaning to your existence.    

Mrs. Cretallaz-Speich is without a doubt an elite professional in her own line of work. Her specialty extends from Global Leadership, Cross-Cultural business skills, Management logistics, Sales & Marketing, Executive Coaching, to a Fashion Business Educator. She tends to apply the same concept of "What's in it for me" with her clients as with her students, offering constructive advices that they can use throughout their professional life. Part of her daily objective is to share and transfer her knowledge, professional experiences, personal anecdotes, clients' real case studies, convey theory into practice, and provide a natural learning experience for IFA students.