Fashion Business students had the privilege to experience a corporate presentation by Cache Cache.
Mr. Jerome Cambounet, Asia Development Director of Cache Cache, was invited to IFA Paris to present and introduce this fashion apparel brand including its history, its first development in China, the obstacles encountered during market entry, how they design their seasonal collection, point of distribution, supply chain system, retail business strategies and the necessity of marketing & sales promotion which differs from each country. Cache Cache started as a family business in 1985 by Beaumanoir Group in France.

After two successful decades in France, they were determined to expand to the rest of the world. The first country to receive this youthful accessible brand was China. While it opened 4 stores in 2005 and continued with a tremendous increase each year, it eventually reached 267 stores around China as of Feb. 2010.  Media advertisements were shown throughout the presentation for students to enclose a better understanding of the company’s culture, concept and its market group. Each clip ran for several minutes ending with the brand’s motto, Mon Je Prefere… In general, the presentation was truly beneficial for students who wish to become young fashion entrepreneurs or in a quest to join the fashion retail industry.

At IFA Paris, students receive the theoretical knowledge from their notable lecturers and simultaneously, obtain practical insights through real successful fashion company such as Cache Cache. During the informative presentation, students were able to grasp a full command of the retail business in which will act as reference throughout their professional career. At last, students had the chance to interact with Mr. Cambounet where it was the perfect occasion to build one’s network in this fashion alluring city.