“This project gave valuable real life experience to the students while offering Expopel keen insight into the intricacies of the China market.” -  Lecturer Mark Greiz “This project was a real-life business scenario, and was the perfect opportunity for us to put into practice all the theories we have learned in class. In addition, we honed our presentation skills and learned how to work in a diverse team environment, compromising of individuals from different cultural background.” says student, Aaron Tham  IFA-POLIMODA’s most practical and stimulating course can be found in its International Market Entry class with a focus on China. Mr. Greiz, IFA Paris ‘s lecturer of the course, has nearly 20 years of experience in China and Asia working with various international brands to develop their market presence in the Asian market.  The foundation of the course is to allow postgraduate students the ability to deploy business plans and take on real study cases for fashion companies around the world. This year’s focus was with a Greek company named Expopel. It was founded in the 1980s by a man at his early age who successfully establishes one of Europe’s leading manufacturing company of luxury fur products. Mr. Vlachakis is presently in a quest of entering the market in China with the help of his son, Dimitrios Vlachakis. For any business to endure in a new environment, it is of the essence to investigate and congregate all searches consequently to obtain a transparent overview of the target market. During the course, students were divided into teams of three. Each team was in charge of formulating a plan to assist Expopel to penetrate the Chinese market.  Their tasks were to strategically perform a SWOT analysis consisting of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats entailing the manufacturing company. Along the search, students had to study the market size, customer profiles, and competitors. Propose localization of various aspects of the company’s business model and take into account its marketing mix involving the 4Ps; pricing for China, product assortment, promotions, and placement, commonly known as distribution.  While some groups contributed to every part of the project, others took a more individual task approach. After reaching a consensus as a group the final content was then put together. The completion of the project ended with a presentation addressed to the company with Mr. Dimitrios Vlachakis’s presence. Soon after their mission, we questioned several students about their thoughts on this industrial project. Anastacia Plastinina, a student from Russia, points out that while doing a market research, we must question all the data and find ways to prove them by putting into effect one’s curiosity in order to attain the necessary information. Leo Yong from China asserts that it was a great opportunity to have worked with the company. He states that although a vast marketing strategy needed to be developed, they also had to imply real life settings. Thus, it was a win-win scenario w