1. Could you briefly introduce yourself? (hometown, educational background and work experience)
My name is Desiree and I’m from the north of Italy, I came to Shanghai in 2007 after having completed my studies in Mandarin, Chinese culture, Law and Economics related to China. Shanghai is an exciting place and I with many opportunities. I wanted to embrace this fact about the city and decided to enroll in IFA-POLIMODA masters program.
2. You started this program in July 2010, how is it so far?
I’m very satisfied with the Retail course and I consider that it is very useful even if it’s not my subject and very compact and intensive. As well, the materials are good and we can practice a lot, it may be the best class. Merchandising class is also very good. Within 2 weeks I learnt a lot.
3. What do you think of the instructors?
The teachers are all very professional with a lot of experience and willing to share their experiences and knowledge which is beneficial for the students. I am really learning a great deal from them.
4. Why did you choose to study fashion?
With growth in the fashion industry in China, the skills required to manage and maintain fashion brands has become more specific and specialized and with so much development and growth taking place in China I really wanted to be a part of that. Being Italian I have always loved fashion and I found this passion just developed more and more over time.
5. We have selected students from all over the globe, what was your feeling before enrolling and knowing that you would be in class with people from different countries and cultures?
Amazing, I feel very lucky, I’m the only girl from Italy, being mixed with students from other countries and cultures is the best thing in the class, and I have to work with different people, from different background. It’s really amazing because you have to connect your background with a different one, it’s very stimulating. You also have to learn how to work in an international environment.
6. What made you choose IFA Paris instead of another fashion school?
I wanted something broader and it suited my requirements. I was interested in the program because it is split in 24 weeks in Shanghai then 12 weeks in Florence, it was a perfect time.
7. How’s life in Shanghai?
Very nice, I like it, I’m here since a while and there are many things to do, many places to visit. Shanghai is a 24-7 city; the first discovering period was crazy, now it’s more quiet, calm and stable. I’m trying to find out some small lanes I didn’t notice first. It’s changing all the time, and this is what I like the most.
8. Before enrolling, what type of job did you have in mind? Has this changed since you began the program?
Before, I didn’t have any specific job in mind; I knew that I wanted to work in the fashion field, but a no particular idea. Now it’s changing, I’m learning and I’m going to decide what I will do. I’m pretty sure that it will become clearer in my mind in a few months.