BARBARA SKUCZIK, a freelance designer, a brand manager, an illustrator was born in Poland. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2001 in textiles and fashion Barbara Skuczik began her fashion career. If you are curious about the fashion world of Barbara Skuczik please follow us to interview the Print teacher of IFA PARIS.
Q: What brought you to study fashion?
B: I have always liked fashion since I was little, so I just did it.
Q: When did you begin your fashion career?
B: After I graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2001, I worked as a textile and accessory designer. Working freelance, I sell my designs to some brands directly.Also, I did Illustration advertising.
Q: Now you have your own brand. How does it feel?
B: Yes, my scarf brand BARBARA AGNES. I just wanted to do something by myself. My creations were even sold in Colette Paris. You can type www.barbaraagnes.comto see some of them.
Q: How do you balance the design and sale?
B: Designs for a brand sometimes have to be commercial, but being creative is also important. I have my sales agent. After I design, the customer will select in my show room.
Q: What was the tough part during the launch of your own brand?
B: Well, I had to push myself. I had to arrange everything.
Q: What is the main element of your brand?
B: Flower.
Q: How do you usually get your inspiration?
B: Movies are my favorite. Reading, music, travel and exhibitions can also give me some ideas.
Q: Do you have any advice for fashion students?
B: They should be creative and work a lot.