Jade Wu was awarded the Gold Prize, recognizing the best designer, at the 2010 IFA Paris Graduation Fashion Show and was granted a full scholarship to the IFA Paris Postgraduate Fashion Design & Management. Holding the Gold Cup following the show, Mr. Wu could not contain his excitement, thinking only to thank his teachers and the school.

Some felt that Mr. Wu’s designs were challenging to understand; others thought they were impractical garments suited for the runway and not for everyday life. However, what separated his designs from the crowd was their uniqueness. They express a distinct vision that draws both organic and synthetic inspiration and speak powerfully about fashion’s interaction with the modern world and the people struggling to live in it.

Mr. Wu struggled throughout the process of creating his collection. After three years of intense study, he still wondered if his technical skills were up to the task of creating these difficult garments and whether or not his ambitious designs would find the favor of the fashion show jury. But whenever his confidence flagged, he maintained confidence in his ability and vision.

Following his graduation from university in Fujian Province, Mr. Wu immediately pursued a career in design, creating his own tee shirt brand. His designs could be found in numerous stores around the province, and the fashion media frequently sought his opinion. Not yet satisfied with his accomplishments and hoping to benefit from a more systematic study of fashion, he decided to enroll at IFA Paris in 2007 to build his creativity and skill.

According to Mr. Wu, “The best design is not famous today, but will be become more and more famous in the future. We can feel the ideas from the design.” His triumph in the 2010 IFA Paris Graduation Fashion Show is an important beginning in his design life, which will hopefully grow successfully into the future