IFA Paris students were invited to visit the Italian Pavilion at the Shanghai EXPO on 5th May, 2010. Their day began with a conference which focused on luxury and design development followed by a visit to the Italian Pavilion. The students ended their visit with a fashion show organized by the Italian Pavilion for the latest Italian brands, providing them with the opportunity to learn more about Italian history, culture and design.  Visiting the Italian Pavilion:“The City of Man - Living the Italian Way” was the theme of the Italian Pavilion. Accompanied by IFA instructors, IFA Paris students visited the entire pavilion with great interest. Displayed inside was an impressive 18-metre wall poster showcasing evening dresses from 22 famous Italian brands capturing the students’ attention. Throughout the visit the Italian art of fashion enchanted IFA Paris students and provided them with an unforgettable and unique experience.  Attending the conference:Being invited to attend the conference in the VIP room, IFA Paris students were given the chance to discuss past and present luxury products with Mr Silvio Vigliaturo, artist and creator of the two big statues in the exhibition area of the Pavilion; Prof. Ottavio Cavalcanti from Calabria’s university and Ms Ugo Verticchio, public relations director for Anton Giulio Grande. Students engaged in discussions about the luxury market and were invited to share their ideas in the world of fashion.  Attending the fashion show:The first part of the show presented Italian designed jewelry. Models wore black dresses to enhance the elegance of each piece showcased, followed by the new collection of the Italian brand, AGG.From this experience students were given the opportunity to expand their fashion knowledge and helped them to combine theory with experience.